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Commercial and Residential Infrared Heaters and Garage Infrared Heaters

Commercial Infrared Heat Solution Installed
Hot Yoga Infrared Heater Solution Installed
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About us

Heating Revolution provides heating solutions using energy efficient, maintenance free Infrared and Radiant heating products for Commercial and  Residential applications. Whether it's the interior or exterior of your business or home, we can provide the right solution while saving you money and energy. Why would you even consider inefficient and unhealthy forced air?


We have commercial Infrared heaters for a wide variety of applications, Infrared garage heaters for any size garage or shop. Hot Yoga studio Infrared heaters, Radiant Cove heaters, floor warming systems and snow & ice melt. Whatever your need, we can supply you with the proper solution!

We work directly with all of our manufacturers, which allows us to be extremely competitive with our pricing - no middle-man

Products are shipped directly to you from our manufacturers. Purchase directly from us. 


Our goal is to provide you with the best solution at the best price while including great energy savings.

Where Can It Be Used?

Residential > Garages - Workshops - Storage Areas - Patios

Commercial > Warehouse - Maintenance - Manufacturing - Assembly - Printing

Auto/Body/Paint Shops - Woodworking - Machine Shops

Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants - Small Aircraft Hangars

Animal Kennels - Agricultural

Loading Docks - Inside Dock Prep Areas

Outdoor Patios / Dining Areas - Open Air Sports Boxes

Martial Arts Studios - Hot Yoga studios

Hard to Heat - High Heat Loss Areas

Any areas that need to be kept above freezing

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