• 100% true Infrared.

  • Heats quickly – no smell, no glow.

  • Quiet operation – no noisy fans or blowers.

  • No Maintenance - no parts to replace.

  • Non-combustible – no flames, no fumes, no venting.

  • Easy to install – up and out of the way.

  • Electric – clean and efficient. 90% of all energy is converted to useful heat

  • Various sizes, wattages and voltages. Single and three-phase.

  • Reputable Mfg (over 47 years). Long life. UL Listed.

  • Residential > Garages - Workshops - Storage Areas - Patios

  • Commercial > Warehouse - Maintenance - Manufacturing - Assembly

  • Auto/Body/Paint Shops - Woodworking - Machine Shops

  • Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants - Small Aircraft Hangars

  • Animal Kennels - Agricultural

  • Loading Docks - Inside Dock Prep Areas

  • Outdoor Patios / Dining Areas - Open Air Sports Boxes

  • Martial Arts Studios - Hot Yoga Studios

  • Hard to Heat - High Heat Loss Areas

  • Any areas that need to be kept above freezing

  • Heats surfaces, objects and people -                 not the air.    

  • Infrared energy travels through space and only

      turns into heat when it contacts a cooler        

      surface. Heat will always flow toward the cold to

      equalize the temperature. All of the heat and 

      comfort are in the lower half of the room.

  • Even heat distribution addresses heat loss 

      more effectively.​

  • Greater comfort at lower temperature settings, 

      thus greater savings.

  • With forced air, warm air rises offering little lasting benefit. 

Residential / Commercial Infrared Heating

New or Existing Construction

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Use the advantage of energy 

efficient Infrared Heaters  

Black Body

Infrared Heaters

Why Use the Black Body Infrared Heater?

We’ve got Black Body Infrared heaters all over the U.S. in a wide variety of applications for both residential and commercial use. The Black Body heater is an absolute workhorse.

We’ve been marketing them for 20 years with only two repairs in all that time!  

The Black Body Heater includes a patented stainless steel grid located on the heater face, which protects the element from any damage, maintains even element surface temperature, and straightens and redirects infrared waves.