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What is Infrared Heat?


It's Just Like Nature, So It Makes Sense


Infrared is a completely different and more efficient technology than the old forced-air idea. Infrared has been in use for over 60 years. In simple terms, Infrared is a man-made version of the sun without the one UV ray that can damage the skin. Just as the sun heats mass, Infrared does the same, heating objects, surfaces and people.        


How Does It Work?


Since Infrared heats anything with a sufficient amount of mass, (floors, vehicles, machinery, tools, tables, benches, people, etc.) it provides and keeps warmth and comfort at the lower level of the area or room where it should be, offering the greatest benefit without affecting humidity. Once mass is heated, it retains that heat for a long period of time. When "heating" with forced-air, it must be done over and over again since warm air rises quickly and is very inefficient, only providing short-term comfort and lasting benefit to the occupants. Warm air rises, but heat can travel in any direction. Heat will always flow toward the cold to equalize a temperature difference. With forced air, energy and warmth are wasted at the ceiling.


Clean, Quiet, Non-Combustible and Maintenance Free


Another advantage with Infrared heat is that there is no blowing air, thus no dust, dirt or air contaminants - clean, quiet and healthy. And humidity is not affected. Plus, you can zone as many areas or room as you want with our products. They also take up no mechanical room space and are affordable and easy to install. And they're all UL listed.


Where Can it be Used?


Infrared heat is suitable for commercial and residential applications, new and existing

Here are just a few of the uses >

Residential > Garages - Workshops - Storage Areas - Patios

Commercial > Warehouse - Maintenance - Manufacturing - Assembly - Printing

Auto/Body/Paint Shops - Woodworking - Machine Shops

Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants - Small Aircraft Hangars

Animal Kennels - Agricultural

Loading Docks - Inside Dock Prep Areas

Outdoor Patios / Dining Areas - Open Air Sports Boxes

Martial Arts Studios - Hot Yoga Studios

Hard to Heat - High Heat Loss Areas

Any areas that need to be kept above freezing


  Infrared Heat 

The Right Solution!

Commercial Infrared Heat | Infrared Garage Heat | Hot Yoga Studio Infrared Heat |  Radiant Heating Solutions

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