Electric Infrared Hot Yoga Studio Heating





















Why Hot Yoga Studio Heating with our 

          Black Body Infrared Heaters?

Black Body Infrared Heaters can be positioned in one room or

one section of your facility to offer these advantages:


  • Heats quickly! Raises the room temperature in minutes.

  • Efficient - 90% of all energy is converted to useful heat.

  • Safe electric heat and low initial cost.

  • No dust, dirt or air contaminants - clean and healthy.

  • No moving parts – silent, easy to hear the instructor.

  • Maintenance free – no parts to replace.

  • Easy to install and control, much like light fixtures.

  • Available in 3 sizes: 12" x 12",  12" x 24",  12" x 48".

     Various wattages; 120v - 208v - 240v


About the Black Body 

  • Black Body is UL-approved.

  • The number of heaters required will depend on the size

       and design of your room.




Why Hot Yoga?


• Enhance muscle endurance

• Reduce muscle stiffness

• Provide greater range of movement

• Decrease inflammation


Additional benefits can include:

• Increased peripheral circulation

• Enhanced heart function

• Lowered blood pressure

• Reduced stress

• Detoxification through sweat


Give us a call today!


  • We'll show you how easy it is to transform your studio for hot  yoga           with Black Body Infrared heaters! With your provided information, we'll determine the number of heaters and what size would be required for your studio. Design Information Form available upon request.

        * Layouts available at no charge.


  • The most common methods of controlling the heaters is the use of                a simple On/Off switch, or a Timer - both supplied by the installing  electrician.