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Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • Heats surfaces, objects and people - not the air.    

  • Infrared energy travels through space and only

      turns into heat when it contacts a cooler        

      surface. Heat will always flow toward the cold to

      equalize the temperature. All of the heat and 

      comfort are in the lower half of the room.

  • Even heat distribution addresses heat loss 

      more effectively.​

  • Greater comfort at lower temperature settings, 

      thus greater savings.

  • With forced air, warm air rises offering little lasting benefit. 

  • 100% true Infrared.

  • Heats quickly – no smell, no glow.

  • Quiet operation – no noisy fans or blowers.

  • No Maintenance - no parts or bulbs to replace.

  • Non-combustible – no flames, no fumes,

       no venting.

  • Easy to install – up and out of the way.

  • Electric – clean and efficient. 95% of all energy is converted to useful heat

  • 3 sizes: 12", 24", 48".

  • Various wattages and voltages. 1Ph & 3Ph.

  • Available in Black or Stainless (for corrosive areas).

  • Reputable Mfg - over 56 years.

  • UL Listed.

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