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Things You MUST Consider Before Signing a Lease

for a Hot Yoga Studio

Starting a business and opening a Hot Yoga Studio is a large undertaking for which you’ll want the least amount of headaches. There is a lot to consider and we want to make sure that at least the heating part for your studio space is done right allowing you to concentrate on other issues.  


Each studio is unique and should be designed as such. You’ll want even heat dispersion across the studio from all four corners. Your customers are paying for HOT yoga and you do not want any cold spots. Regarding your desired temperature, there are two key points to consider before signing a lease for a studio.


First, you’ll want a studio with a height of at least 9 ft, but higher is even better.


Second, you must check the voltage for the studio. 240V is always best. While 208V will work, it will mean using higher wattage heaters (if possible) or more heaters or both.


We do provide a Design Information Form that must be filled out and returned so we can do our calculations and proceed to determine the proper amount of heat for your studio, and to design and provide a free Layout.


Again, it is absolutely necessary that we know the exact voltage – 240V or 208V.  


We want your business to be a huge success and, with the correct information, it will help us immensely in providing you with the correct amount of heat for your classes

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